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Blue Cross of Idaho Crisis Center Assessment 

SWDH received a $75,000 grant from Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health (BCIF) in 2018/2019: aimed to assess the behavioral health needs and systems of care in our rural communities, and develop a road map for addressing those needs and improving the system.

1. Utilize a structure similar to the one used for Sequential Intercept Mapping (SIM) for crisis and pre/post-crisis systems mapping.

2. Develop detailed letters of agreement between system partners, including rapid post-crisis access for treatment.

3. Support community education regarding crisis and other behavioral health resources.

4. Use the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Methods for Using Data to Inform Practice: A Step by Step Guide to inform data collection.

5. Engage multiple insurance companies as sources of data.

6. Work with insurance companies to establish value-based contracting with service providers that includes pre and post-crisis response requirements.

7. Focus on prevention, community outreach, and education.

WIDCCC Annual Report 

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